About The Instructor…

Guro Gerald Toki was born and raised in Hawaii. His mother, Liunila Mamalias was formerly of Cebu. He is an active member of the Kali Association of America, based in Fremont, California. He is also a certified instructor for the Villabrille-Largusa Kali System and the KAA

Guro Gerald Toki started training with Senju Karate under the instruction of Master Vince Maglinte continuing until he received the rank of Blue Belt.

Guro Gerald began training under then assistants, Maestro Frank Mamalias (Guro Gerald's father) and Guro Dominado Largusa, the brother of Grandmaster Ben Largusa.

Guro Gerald officially began with the Kali Association of America under the instruction of 10th Degree Black Belt, Professor Greg Lontayao. Guro Gerald continued his studies until 1993, earning the rank of Guro/ 4th Degree Black Belt.

Guro Gerald then trained directly under Grandmaster Ben Largusa. With just a few selected students, he trained for 7 continuous years earning the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Today, Guro Gerald Toki resides in Phoenix, Arizona and actively teaches the Villabrille-Largusa Kali System. He continues to promote and preserve the Ancient-Indonesian Filipino Martial Art of the Philippines.



For more information, contact Guro Gerald Toki
Glendale, Az 85303 623-934-1868

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